STILO YA0806 ST5 Iridium blue dark visor

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Direct replacement anti-fog and anti-scratch visors to suit Stilo ST5 series Racing and Karting helmets.

Visors are available in many different tints and in a huge range of colours to suit all weather conditions.

Double glazed visors are the best choice for a wet race - the two layer construction creates an airtight chamber between the panes to effectively eliminate fogging.

Supplied with a protective Stilo visor soft bag.

Visor Care

The inside of a Stilo Visor is treated with an anti-fog coating and this makes it imperative that you do not touch the inside with fingers in order to avoid leaving a permanent mark in the soft invisible layer. To clean this should a dust layer build is very specific: Remove the visor from the helmet, hold firmly at the edges and spray with Stilo liquid YA0640 to blast off any particles. Once this operation is completed leave to dry naturally,

DO NOT wipe with a cloth or paper as particles will be left on the anti-fog treatment.

To preserve the applied anti-fog inside treatment, visors should NOT be cleaned with water-based products.

DO NOT USE Molecule Anfi-Fog Sprayer

As an alternative to the liquid YA0640 for visor inside, use brake cleaner (better to try on a small section first).

To clean the exterior use Stilo visor cleaner – YA0640. Spray this onto the exterior and wipe off with a soft paper or lint-free cloth in order to protect the finish and functionality of your visor. An alternative, should you not have YA0640 is a non-abrasive slightly soapy liquid.

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