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PFC 7790.39.17.44 Front brake pads RACE 39 CMPD 17mm для BMW M3 GT4 (AP Racing CP9660)

Part#: 7790.39.17.44
Please note! Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product
Audi RS3 LMS Race – 25mm TCR
Audi TT Cup Race – 25mm
BMW Alpina B6 Race – 25mm GT3
BMW M3 Race – 25mm GT4
Chevrolet Corvette Race – 25mm GT3
Ginetta G55 & GT4 (endurance) Race – 25mm GT
Honda Civic TCR Race – 18mm GT
Lotus Evora Race – 25mm GT4
Mercedes CLA Cup Race – 25mm
Opel Astra OPC / TCR Race – 25mm
Seat Leon Supercopa Mk2 Race – 25mm
Toyota GT86 FT86 Race – 25mm GT3
V8 Star V8 Star Race – 18mm Cup
VW Golf TCR Race – 25mm
Popular thicknesses 17mm / 18mm / 20mm / 25mm / 29mm
Pad compounds Z-rated (fast road / trackday) & 08 / 11 / 13 available
Alcon caliper 7795 7790.10 7790.11.16.44 KSport
AP 6-piston (pad thickness 17mm or 18mm, depending on caliper)
D2 / K-Sport 8-piston front (pad thickness 17mm) – check pad radial depth
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