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HKS 70020-AF010 RSK Reloaded Impreza Sti (GRB EJ207, GRF/GVB EJ25)

Part#: 70020-AF010
Please note! Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product


  • It works for OBD II Feedback.
  • Setting of ECU is not required. Improved induction efficiency increases horseppower for all rpm range and enables smooth increasing of engine revolution from low to high rpm.
  • Polished piping improves looking of engine compartment.

1. Power Flow
2. Air flow adapter pipe
3. Air intake pipe
4. Joint hose φ75
5. Joint hose φ80
6. Air cleaner stay | | 8. Normal stay
9. Hose band #56
10. Hose band #48
11. Bolt M6-15
12. Spring washer M6
13. Plain washer M6 | | 14. Flange Nut M6
15. Screw M4
G-1. Air flow meter sensor (stock)
G-2. Bolt (Stock/A) | |


  • Racing Suction Reloaded is a air cleaner device for a car engine. For the best super power flow filter performance, please chagne the filter regularly.
  • We recommend you to use a high temperrature type spark plug because of the higher power with this product. Please change the spark plug for sure especially in the sport racing.
  • This product is made for a stock vehicles but for some cars, it might need to adjust in AFR, F-CON settings.
| IMPREZA | | CBA- | | GVB | | EJ207 | | 10/07-14/08 | | Racing Suction R | | Φ200-80/Yellow | | 70020-AF010 | | | 「WRX-STI 4door」 |
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  • 70020-AM005
  • HKS 70020-AM005 RSK Reloaded EVO 8MR/9/9MR
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HKS RSK Reloaded EVO 8MR/9/9MR
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