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HKS 14020-AN007 GT900 SET UP KIT for R35 GT-R NISSAN

Part#: 14020-AN007
Please note! Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product

SET UP KIT for new symmetry turbo set “GT900(GTⅡ7467)” and “GT1000(GTⅡ8267)” designed for R35 GT-R are newly released.

This kit was designed to utilize the symmetry turbine layout, which is considered ideal, so the overwhelming high performance is expected like GT800/GT1000



This product is a set up kit for the symmetry turbine set of GT900, GT1000, and GT1000+.
Use in combining this product with the symmetry turbine set works as a full turbine kit.
To provide effective intake and exhaust performance, the suction pipe and chamber pipe were originally designed for this product.
The exhaust manifold is made with heat-resisting steel, which quality was proved by GT800.  High durability against heat and vibration is guaranteed.
GTII Wastegate was selected because of its compact size, light weight, and reliable boost control.
MODEL Control System PS/Turbo
Wastegate 470


Compressor Side
Wheel Housing
Trim Inlet Dia. (mm) Outlet Dia.(mm) Inlet Dia. (mm) Outlet Dia.(mm)
49,0 52,0 74,0 φ100 φ50
Turbo Side
Wheel Housing
Trim Outlet Dia.(mm) Outlet Dia.(mm) Inlet Flange Outlet Flange A/R
77,0 67,5 59,3 3Bolt Flange 3Bolt Flange 0,66


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