NANKANG 620241EE71 Tire AR-1 235/40Z R17 94(XL) (W)

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- Special inner angled pattern design to improve water drainage efficiency for excellent handing on wet road condition.
- Special bevel pattern design for improved tire stiffness.
- Large block at tire shoulder for improved tire stiffness and traction on curved roads.
- Wide center ribs for improved steering performance and precision.
- Optimized tread with wider contact patch for the best stability at high speed driving.
- Unique semi-slick compound shorter tire warming time which speeds up tires in reaching effective working temperature and improves gripping performance.
Part.NSeriesInchSizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexRim Width (Inch)OD (mm)SW (mm)RRCWet GripNoise Value(dB)Noice Class
692313EE7430'20 305/30ZR20103(XL)(Y)10.5" -11.5"692313EE742
667313EE7430'19 305/30ZR19102(XL)(Y)10.5"-11.5"667313EE742
647320EE7430'18 315/30ZR1898(XL)Y10.5"-11.5"647320EE742
635301EE7430'18 295/30ZR1898(XL)Y10"- 11"635301EE742
708290EE7435'20 285/35ZR20104(XL)(Y)9.5" - 11"708290EE742
694271EE7335'20 265/35ZR2099(XL)(Y)9" - 10.5"694271EE732
680248EE7235'20 245/35ZR2095(XL)(Y)8" - 9.5"680248EE722
675278EE7335'19 275/35ZR19100(XL)(Y)9" - 11"675278EE732
669271EE7335'19 265/35ZR1998(XL)(Y)9" - 10.5"669271EE732
647241EE7235'19 235/35ZR1991(XL)(Y)8" - 9.5"647241EE722
649278EE7335'18 275/35ZR1899(XL)Y9" - 11"649278EE732
643271EE7335'18 265/35ZR1897(XL)Y9" - 10.5"643271EE732
635260EE7235'18 255/35ZR1894(XL)Y8.5" - 10"635260EE722
635299EE7235'17 315/35ZR17102W       
653248EE7140'18 245/40ZR1897(XL)Y8" - 9.5"653248EE712
645241EE7240'18 235/40ZR1895(XL)Y8" - 9.5"645241EE722
637230EE7240'18 225/40ZR1892(XL)Y7.5" - 9"637230EE722
636260EE7240'17 255/40ZR1798(XL)W8.5" - 10"636260EE722
628248EE7140'17 245/40ZR1795(XL)W8" - 9.5"628248EE712
620241EE7140'17 235/40ZR1794(XL)W8" - 9.5"620241EE712
604218EE7140'17 215/40ZR1787(XL)W7" - 8.5"604218EE712
596212EE7140'17 205/40ZR1784(XL)W7" - 8"596212EE712
575248EE7140'15 245/40ZR1592(XL)W8" - 9.5"575248EE712
644236EE7245'17 235/45ZR1797(XL)Y7.5" - 9"644236EE722
634225EE7245'17 225/45ZR1794(XL)W7" - 8.5"634225EE722
626213EE7145'17 215/45ZR1791(XL)W7" - 8"626213EE712
608225EE7145'16 225/45ZR1693(XL)W7" - 8.5"608225EE712
590206EE7145'16 205/45ZR1687(XL)W6.5" - 7.5"590206EE712
583225EE7145'15 225/45ZR1591(XL)W7" - 8.5"583225EE712
540236EE7145'13 235/45R1391(XL)V7.5" - 9"540236EE712
602201EE7050'16 195/50ZR1688(XL)W5.5" - 7"602201EE702
587214EE7150'15 205/50ZR1589(XL)W5.5" - 7.5"587214EE712
577201EE7050'15 195/50R1586(XL)V5.5" - 7"577201EE702
506182COMPETITION50'13 175/50R1372V5" - 6"506182COMPETITION
578189COMPETITION60'14 185/60R1482V5" - 6.5"578189COMPETITION
576209EE7160'13 205/60R1390(XL)V5.5" - 7.5"576209EE712
552189COMPETITION60'13 185/60R1380V5" - 6.5"552189COMPETITION


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