HKS 50003-M40G Spark Plug Iridium

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HKS M Series spark plugs are ideal for improving the performance and efficiency of engines - both factory and aftermarket.
Thanks to their component and specially designed design, HKS spark plugs provide improved ignition, long life, anti-carbon deposits and anti-vibration function.
HKS spark plugs consist of:
1) 0.6mm thick center electrode, which reduces voltage requirements, as well as provides durability and improved ignition.
2) an outer electrode with a platinum chip, which contributes to a long service life and improves ignition in conjunction with the central electrode. Thanks to the shortened tip, the necessary space for proper ignition is provided;
3) a short outer electrode, which reduces weight and provides an anti-vibration function and, accordingly, increases the service life;
4) special thermal edge, which reduces the accumulation of carbon.

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