HKS 50003-M35G Spark Plug 7 for Mitsubishi Evo 4-8

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Spark plugs HKS M-Series is a high performance iridium spark designed to provide the best quality of ignition. Having a longer service life and reduced fouling.

Features candles M-Series Super Fire Spark:
Central electrode with a thickness of 0.6 mm iridium alloy
- outer electrode with platinum chip
- short external electrode to reduce the vibration
- insulating surface
The spark M-Series is recommended for those who wants to get candles from reliable ignition, durability, antimalaria properties at high loads
Plug Type: G
Thread Size: 14x19
Wrench Size: 20.8
Heat Range: 7


Thread type М14

Thread lengt 19 мм

Type of tools for installation 21 мм

Heat rating 7

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