HKS 22002-AM011 Camshaft IN 274 Evo 7/8 (Step2)

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Improved performance and reduced cost is the concept with the latest profile design. It outperforms the previous models at lower price.
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POINT-1 Latest technology feedbacked from 4G63 race engine development!

  • The profile was designed with the latest technology feedbacked from 4G63 race engine development for "Engine support for WRC, Group N race" and "Time attack projects by CT230R". For its lash adjuster mechanism, acceleration speed of camshaft was optimized. With the new production method (Diameter of the grindstone), hollow shape of the profile was minimized.


POINT-2 New duration!

  • Duration of the camshaft is IN: 274°EX: 278°that entirely outperform the previous models 264°, 272°, 280°.
  • Lift was increased from the previous IN:10.8mm/EX:10.2mm to IN/EX: 11.0mm.


POINT-3 Consideration for various specifications!

  • The profile matches from "Stock turbine" to "GT II 7460R Sport Turbine" or "GT3037S Special Full Turbine".


Tested on an engine bench with EVO8 engine. (Boost level: 130kPa)



* Previous model 264°272°280°will be discontinued. 
* Use CAMSHAFT for MIVEC "22002-AM009" for intake side of LANCER EVOLUTION IX. 
* Upgrading of VALVE SPRING is required.


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