UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE UP-M3-310-14.1 Dual Rate Lowering Spring Set Mild (0.7") RWD TESLA Model 3

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MILD - For Comfort Without Sacrifice

  • Target Use: For Tesla Model 3 owners who desire near factory levels of ground clearance and the softest ride possible, without sacrificing sporty handling at the limit.
  • Ride: Our Mild offering is engineered with maximum comfort in mind for day-to-day use. We utilize our two distinct spring rates to allow the first spring rate to be even softer than our most popular Moderate spring. When cornering, the secondary spring rate activates and represents a near equivalent spring rate to a factory non modified Model 3. This dual rate engineering reduces the typical downside of reduced handling, feel and agility when utilizing a softer spring rate.
  • Height: 0.7″ drop. Front ground clearance is comparable to many modern sedans. The car is lowered only slightly, and there is still considerable wheel gap of approximately “2 – 2.5 fingers”. From a distance the car will not look significantly lower than factory height

Please consult suitability for cars with LFP Batteries. Car weight 1745 kilograms.

An unparalleled dedication to research and advanced engineering has created the ultimate in Tesla Model 3 spring technology. Every version of every spring we produce is specifically engineered for two distinct linear spring rates. This allows enhanced comfort (spring rate #1) paired with increased handling (spring rate #2).

One size does not fit all, we’ve engineered specific spring rates to more perfectly enhance the handling of each Model 3 variant. Enjoy the immediate benefits of improved comfort and handling, combined with a sporty ride height that reduces drag and increases range.

See why UP is the world’s #1 trusted Tesla tuner and enjoy the benefits of our continued dedication to Tesla R&D.

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