Extreme increases in oil temperature can break down the oil and decreases its ability to lubricate, cool and clean the engine and can cause damage as a result. HKS Oil Cooler Kits are designed with advanced cooling technology which enables stable oil temperatures to extract the maximum ability from the engine.

HKS has tested various ways that the danger of high chronic oil temperatures raises with GR Yaris, and HKS has developed a Turn-Flow Type oil cooler that allows continuous track driving. This provides competent oil management and continuous sustained performance.

The tests showed a clear high level of oil management, with about four times as many hours/miles driven in stock conditions. Authentic tests using real vehicles prove the high standards of HKS product.

With Bumper

Without Bumper

Development Concept & Features

Perfect Oil management with output increase modification.
Provides a cooling performance that allows the vehicle to perform many laps.
Traditional layout allowing both oil and water temperature control.
Although Turn-Flow Type Core has small core surface for improved cooling performance. 
Oil aluminum pipes are a highly efficient style that makes effective use of limited space.

Kit Includes