How to know your safety equipment is valid for the official CIK-FIA (or your national federation’s) competitions? Check the homologation labels and our links below.

*These are the general CIK-FIA guidelines for the events organised by them. If your championship is supervised by the national authority, please consult with the regulations.

Helmet. If you’re not under 15 years old, you can use almost any FIA or Snell homologated helmet. Except SA2020, it hasn’t been approved by CIK-FIA for karting, as of May 2022. If you’re just choosing a helmet for karting only, the cheapest option would be karting oriented FIA-Snell homologations K2015, K2020 or CMR2016. For CMR2016, the biggest size is 59, and it is mandatory for all the drivers under 15. 

Karting suit. Unlike the helmet, you can’t use your racing suit for karting. The reason is the racing suit’s main task is to protect the driver in case of fire, while the karting suit is designed to be abrasion resistant. For any official CIK-FIA competition, you will need a CIK-FIA 2013/XXX (2013-1 standard) Level 2 homologated suit. There are some with Level 1, but they are not valid for the official races. 

Rib/body protection. This is the third item requiring the FIA approval and has one standard - 8870-2018. 

Neck support/neck brace. This piece has no official homologation, nonetheless may be mandatory for young drivers under a certain age in some competitions. 

Gloves, shoes, balaclava, underwear. No FIA homologation for karting either, still it’s better to use the ones from the established motorsport manufacturers, to avoid any problems with the racing authorities and also risk and discomfort for yourself. 

The most popular karting helmets 

CMR2016: Arai CK-6, Bell KC7, Bell KC7 Carbon, OMP KJ8, Sparco GP KF-4W, Stilo ST5 CMR

K2015, K2020: Stilo ST5FN KRT, Stilo ST5FN KRT Carbon, Bell RS7-K, Bell RS7-K Carbon, OMP GP-R K, Arai SK-6

The most popular karting suits

Alpinestars KMX-9 v2 GRAPH1, Alpinestars KMX-9 v2 GRAPHIC 3 for kids, Sparco Kerb Lady, Sparco Thunder, Sparco X-Light, Sparco Prime K, OMP KS ART (allows any customization you want), OMP KS-3 my2019, OMP KS-2 ART for kids (allows customization) 

Rib/body protection models

Stilo Carbon Curva 8870, OMP KS-1 Pro, Sparco K-Track

You can also find a lot of other safety equipment items on our Atomic website:

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