ARP 100-7716 Wheel Studs Set SUBARU IMPREZA (Set of 5)

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These extra-long ARP wheel studs are designed for today's thick-centered, high-performance and racing wheels. These chromoly steel studs are heat-treated and have a 190,000 psi tensile strength rating.

Sold as a pack of 5.

These are longer and stronger ARP replacement wheel studs.

They are heat treated 8740 chrome moly steel with a cadmium plating for extra durability with a tensile strength of 190,000 psi to handle all kinds of competition racing.

**Stock lug nuts will not fit!
Open-ended lug nuts are your best bet

Knurl Diameter
Knurl Length
Nose Length
Diameter - Pitch
Wheel Stud Hole Size - Cast Iron/Steel Hub
Cast Iron/Steel Hub Drill Bit Size (actual dim.)
Wheel Stud Hole Size - Aluminum Hub
Aluminum Hub Drill Bit Size (actual dim.)
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