Are Akrapovic exhaust systems suitable for quality car tuning in Europe?

The installation of such systems will help the driver of a racing car to unlock the potential of the entire car and the engine in particular. Tuning parts are widely known for their technologies, which combine durable materials that can improve the condition of the car and increase speed when driving fast. A comprehensive installation will help to forget about the lack of power on the road and emphasize the style of the Audi driver.

Light weight, increased power, cool design, easy installation and great sound — this is why Audi owners around the world choose Akrapovic exhaust systems from Slovenia, which have a well-deserved and legendary reputation.

Why are RS6 owners paying attention to this brand in 2022?

Akrapovic exhaust on the Audi RS6 is a good combination of speed, elegance, practicality and reliability.

Akrapovic manufactures high quality Cat-Back Exhaust Systems with the highest quality of workmanship and workmanship. Most of them are intended as tuning accessories. However, deliveries to the manufacturer’s conveyor, as standard equipment, are also not uncommon. For six years, in addition to motorcycle products, Akrapovic has also produced exhaust systems for cars, including those designed for factory installation.

Akrapovic for RS6 is also popular among enthusiast riders and professional athletes, the company produces both mufflers and complete systems — the Evolution Line or Racing Line series.

In the last few years, Akrapovic has become well known in the automotive market as well. Systems for Audi and other brands, mainly sports ones, are produced as spare parts for installation on the assembly line, as tuning parts and accessories for exhaust systems.

A special pride of Akrapovic is its own titanium foundry. Some components, such as exhaust or valve manifolds, pipes, or intricately shaped connections, are produced by casting. This technology combines the strength and light weight of the Akrapovic exhaust on the RS6.

What are the nuances in the tandem Audi RS6 and Akrapovic?

Of course, not all Slovenian brand exhaust systems will fit the RS6. Of all the lines for this car, Evolution Line (Titanium) can be distinguished. This system is almost 20% lighter than the standard set of parts. At the same time, the engineers took care of the sound, which is accompanied by a characteristic hum when downshifting.

At the same time, the developers took care of the comfort of the driver and passengers of the car, so that the sound does not emit large sound waves and does not interfere with both the people in the vehicle and people outside the auto.

The exhaust system, made of durable materials, is designed to perfectly match the electronics of the Audi and Akrapovic. An important detail — the whole system is easy to install, so you do not have to change parts inside the car. The developers have taken care in advance to make it as easy as possible for auto owners to change old parts for new ones.

Install such a system, you will get a special sound and cutting-edge design that has not been used before. You will also increase the efficiency of your motor. Isn’t this what a fan of tuning and speed dreams of?

Recently, unscrupulous dealers have begun to appear on the auto parts market, who, under the guise of original goods, sell fakes or already used goods and accessories. Because of this, car owners often have to change the parts of their cars more often, and sometimes even a breakdown can occur where it is not expected.

In this case, it is necessary to contact only specialized stores that have been operating on the market for more than one year, have a reputation, numerous regular customers and contracts with global brands. This allows you to sell products at affordable prices that competitors do not have.

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