CUSCO 380 022 HP Pull type clutch system for HONDA S2000 (AP1/AP2)

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380 022 HP
1 287.58 €
Price including German VAT

1 082.00 € + 205.58 € (19%)

Best matching for those who are unsatisfactory with a normal reinforced clutch. Bolt-on mountable, feels like a genuine clutch.


  • The half-clutch is easy to handle and the pedaling force is light.
  • The strap drive system, which forcibly activates the pressure plate with a strap brace (leaf spring), improves the responsiveness to pedal operation.

Crimp force

  • With a crimping force of 1200kgf (11800N), it feels like a genuine clutch. *Excluding some models
  • Designed exclusively for set replacement
  • High-dimensional balance of power transmission performance and good operability.
  • Designed exclusively for replacing the clutch cover, clutch disc, and flywheel as a set. Therefore, it exhibits higher performance than other genuine shape reinforced clutches. The compatibility of materials and dimensions is also excellent.


  • No squealing sound when disengaging the clutch.


  • The pull type can be installed by bolt-on without using the operation conversion kit.
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