CUSCO 1C7 64C LB0 Suspension kit Sport G (gravel) for TOYOTA Yaris GR (GXPA16)

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1C7 64C LB0
2 514.47 €
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2 113.00 € + 401.47 € (19%)

Made-to-order model for competitions such as tarmac and gravel.

Large capacity monotube shock absorber! 24-step damping force adjustment that uses an ultra precision special needle valve that enables preices settings.
Double tapped full height adjustment type that does not compromise the suspension stroke.
Double tapped full adjustment type that has a rust-resistant plating and 500 hour salt spray test.
Reliable donestic production, factory is ISO9001 certified, and meets ASEA standards.
Semi-order model that enables specification changes such as damping force and stroke according to various competitions and road conditions.
Overhaul service available (damping force and stroke can be specified).
The base kit is upper mountless and springless so that it can be used any category and regulation.

Note : This product is for competition use only

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