Why are Akrapovic systems considered special?

Akrapovic is dedicated to producing high performance, high quality and durable exhaust systems that provide optimal throttle performance while making it virtually silent. A pleasant addition to the technical characteristics is the innovative design of the exhaust pipes, which emphasizes the aesthetic qualities of the vehicle.

Akrapovic systems have taken the industry standard to a whole new level with innovations in the use of superalloys, composites and titanium. Any car with such tuning will improve its performance, and for the driver will enjoy driving. Also, do not forget about beauty — akrapovic downpipes for BMW M4 look futuristic at all.

Why do BMW M4 lovers choose Akrapovic products?

This brand from Europe has established itself in the world as a specialized company in the world of exhaust systems for sports cars. The company develops innovative down-pipe,up-pipe,catalysts, so the owners of BMW M4 value the Akrapovic brand for quality and comfort.

The products are mainly produced for high-performance automotive equipment, as well as for car tuning. The customers of this manufacturer are the largest brands, so you can often see the Akrapovic exhaust on the BMW M4.

For the mass market, the company produces premium universal mufflers, which are not inferior to well-known consumer offers. Some series are especially popular with BMW owners:

  • Slip-On Line;
  • Evolution Link pipe set.

Unlike other large enterprises, this manufacturer performs specialized development and production of exhaust systems «on order».

It should be noted that Akrapovic is not just a manufacturer of automotive components such as mufflers and exhaust systems, but a well-known expert in the field of materials science. The company has managed to develop a plant from:

  • titanium;
  • Inconel — is a nickel-chromium heat-resistant alloy that significantly increases the resistance of the exhaust to critical temperature loads while driving at high speeds.

The manufacturer does not restrict engineers to use the latest manufacturing processes, the best materials and the latest technology. The developers have made the company a true leader in manufacturing technology on the market.

What characteristics make Akrapovic a leader in its field?

One of the basic stages of the production cycle of the plant are various durability tests. This is implemented using a special robotic installation that provides a full cycle of testing, excluding the influence of the human factor.

The manufactured systems are characterized by high material strength, which is tested in our own laboratory. It serves foundries, manufacturing processes and research and development activities. The quality control system ensures:

  • regular monitoring;
  • testing of new alloys and manufactured sets.

This ensures the highest quality standards in the industry. Thanks to the full cycle of testing and experience, the company’s engineers manage to understand how certain materials will behave under different operating scenarios.

In addition, Akrapovic engineers have managed to take the sound of the exhaust system to a new level, the team of engineers aligns the sound of each exhaust pipe to the selected auto, like a musical instrument, to create an optimal tone that does not annoy the driver. Agree that sound is very important for m4, and for the driver, the right exhaust sounds like a melody.

Isn’t the exhaust system that important element for which many car drivers improve their vehicles and invest in tuning? Sometimes it is by sound that many people recognize this or that car or driving style.

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